Here’s how to participate in Folk Secrets:



1. Get the free Folk Secrets Codex App
     1. To join the hunt, you’ll need to download the free Folk Secrets Codex App from the Apple or       

        Android stores. This will be used to open time portals and find clues.


2. Watch the Folk Secrets Facebook Show

     1. Beginning June 8th and continuing each Saturday from June 8- July 21 the Folk Secrets show will          air live on Facebook.com/folksecrets, revealing the next time portal location. Watch the show each

        week to know where to go.


3. Go to the right place
     1. After watching the show, travel to the particular community (and location within that community)

        revealed in the show.
     2. Hint: sometimes the show doesn’t come right out and say the location, you may need to infer        

        based on plot and dialogue.


4. Scan for clues
     1. Once you arrive at the location revealed in the show, a text box will appear in the app, confirming

        it’s the right spot. Use the app to scan the ground (see app instructions for more about usage) and

        a video will play. Listen closely to infer where the video is sending you next (it will usually be within

        walking distance).
In some instances, you won't receive a message when near a clue. Rather, you will

         scan a sign/image to find the clue. Simply aim your device at the image. If it is correct a video will play

         leading to the next clue.

      3. After going to the next spot, repeat the procedure. This virtual scavenger hunt will eventually lead

          you to a time portal for that community.


5. Open the time portal
     1. The final stop in each community is a time portal, which will appear as a doorway to another era

        (the date will be at the top). Walk through the time portal and take a look around.


6. Solve the time portal
     1. Once inside the time portal, you’ll need to tap certain things to proceed through the experience.

        Often there will be a “play” button to get things started. Listen to the experience closely to know

        what should be tapped next.
     2. Once you complete the portal experience, a secret symbol will appear.


7. Collect the symbols
     1. Write down the secret symbol (or take a screen capture with your phone)or just memorize it. You’ll

        need all the symbols at the season finale.


8. Get there first to win cash
     1. Along with the symbol, a registration button will appear. This redirects to our website where you

        can enter your name.
     2. The fist person to do this wins $500.
     3. $500 will be awarded weekly June 16th through July 14th (the introductory 21c portal on June 8th

         does not include a cash prize, but you’ll still want to visit and get the symbol).
    4. Even if you’re not first, plan to visit each location and get the symbol, which can be done any time

        during the season.


9. Repeat
     1. This process will be repeated each week in a different part of the metro, revealing a new symbol at

        each location and awarding another $500.


10. Uncover the treasure at the Season Finale
     1. Folk Secrets will culminate at 11am on July 21 st at the Oklahoma StateCapitol.
     2. At the finale, the last portal location will be revealed (somewhere at the capitol) and participants

        will race to see who can find it first.
     3. Participants must enter all six secret symbols from the previous locations to access the final

     4. The first person to successfully complete the final portal and uncover the treasure wins $1,000

        and can award another $1,500 to the school of their choice for history education.

11. Get there sooner with KOMA
     1. Listen to KOMA radio at 7:20am each Thursday during the season (Thursday, June 14th through

        Thursday, July 12th ) to hear a hint for the next clue location. If you interpret it correctly, you’ll have

        a serious head start and a better chance at winning the weekly cash!