Folk Secrets Official Rules and Documentation


1. Download the Folk Secrets Codex App (available on Apple or Android) on your mobile device (must be connected to WIFI to download). After downloaded, the app will use a cellular connection  to function.

2. Watch Episode 1 of Folk Secrets (debut's June 8th) to learn the location of the first clue (hint, it’s at the 21c Hotel in downtown OKC).

3. Beginning June 8th , go inside the 21c Hotel and open the app. This will open the video camera on your device.

4. With the app open, you'll know you're in the right place when "an electromagnetic anomaly detected" message appears on the screen. Tap through this screen and the caution messages, Aim your device at the floor in front of you until a target icon appears. Tap the target.

5. This will open a doorway to the past.

6. While holding your device, walk through the doorway and take a look around by aiming your device in different directions. Then tap the play button to begin the experience. Periodically you’ll need to tap additional items, which will be noted, in order to work through the experience.

7. At the end of the experience, a secret symbol will be revealed. Write it down or take a screen capture so you’ll remember what it is.


8. In some instances, you won't receive a message when near a clue. Rather, you will scan a sign/image to find the clue. Simply aim your device at the image. If it is correct a video will play leading to the next clue.

9. Additional episodes of Folk Secrets will air on each Saturday at 9am from June 16th through July 14th. Each weekly episode will reveal the next clue location in the OKC metro.

10. Go there and repeat the same procedure, collecting the secret symbol each time.

11. Portals after the 21c will not reveal what to tap next within the experience. Rather, you must listen to the commentary and figure out what should be tapped next to proceed through the experience.

12. After completing a portal, a webpage redirect button will appear, where you can register so we know you completed the location.

13. Beginning June 16th , the first person to register at the end of each weekly portal wins $500.

14. The season finale will take place July 21st.

15. At the season finale, participants have an opportunity to win $1,000 and award an additional $1,500 to the school of their choice for history education.

16. To win the finale, bring a copy (or memorize) all six clue symbols (including the 21c location). They will be needed to access the final time portal.

17. The first person to complete the final portal is the winner (must be present to win).

18. Posting clue solutions online (social media, etc.) during the course of the season is prohibited and disqualifies participants who do so from winning prizes.

19. Contest runs from June 8th through July 21st , 2018.

20. Must be 17 years of age or older to win (kids, play the game with your parents, or better yet, your grandparents!)

21. You cannot qualify to win the designated prize for the week until 9:00am the day the episode airs that corresponds to that particular prize. Even if you find the portal in advance the registration link will not be available until the correct Saturday.


Trifecta Communications reserves the right to modify or change the Folk Secrets contest rules at any time. Contest is subject to all applicable United States federal, state, and local laws and regulations.


Trifecta Communications and its affiliates are the sole owners and operators of the Folk Secrets contest. Official rules, terms and eligibility requirements, prize information and selection are administered by Trifecta staff.  By participating, entrants release Apple and Android of any ownership. The promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Apple or Android.


The Folk Secrets storyline is a work of fiction based loosely on actual historical persons and events. The majority of events and dialogue are products of the author’s imagination and are not to be construed as real. Certain historical events and actual persons have been employed by the author in a fictitious manner, including fictional dialogue, incidents, and motives, and should not be understood as an accurate portrayal of history. With the exception the actual persons and events upon which this work is loosely based, any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.