Folk Secrets was an Oklahoma-history based treasure hunt, presented as a show on Facebook. But unlike most TV shows, viewers actually participated by hunting for the treasure with a time-traveling Folk Secrets Codex app (Apple or Android). The hunt spanned three “seasons” beginning in June, 2017 and culminating in July, 2018. The first two seasons centered on the Cleveland County area with Season Three covering the entire Oklahoma City metropolitan area. Each week viewers watched the latest episode of Folk Secrets on Facebook and then went hunting for clues to find the treasure. Along the way they scanned signs, markers and landmarks with the Codex App to reveal augmented reality clues and open time portals, where their knowledge of Oklahoma history would be necessary to make progress.


While the Folk Secrets seasons are currently completed, feel free to explore this site to learn more about the project, watch the video series and uncover real Oklahoma history behind the Folk Secrets storyline.


What’s next for Folk Secrets? Stay tuned.



Folk Secrets is underwritten by forward-thinking Oklahoma businesses with strong ties to our community. Their financial contribution supports Oklahoma’s high-tech future, while not forgetting our history. Please thank these businesses for their commitment to Oklahoma and patronize them whenever possible.


Season One Sponsors

(June 2017):


Cobble Insurance Agency, Inc.

Crossland’s Rental

Levant Technologies

Lincoln Lending


Norman Regional Health System

Oz Saferooms

Randall’s Temperature Control

Van’s Pig Stands

Moore Monthly

Norman Transcript

Moore American

Purcell Register


Season Two Sponsors

(February 2018):

Case & Associates

Crest Foods

Lewis Jewelers

New Day Tornado Shelters

Norman Regional Health System

Representative Mark McBride

Randall’s Temperature Control

Moore Monthly

Norman Transcript

Moore American

Purcell Register


Season Three Sponsors

(June 2018):

Evolve Research

Norman Regional Health System

Case & Associates

Randall’s Temperature Control

Health Care Express


Huntington Fine Jewelers



The Journal Record





The Folk Secrets Codex App is an augmented reality treasure-hunting tool used during the three seasons of Folk Secrets to find clues.  While the hunt is now over, the app is still active and can be used to experience augmented reality time portals, right in your own home.  Simply download the Folk Secrets Codex App from the Android or Apple stores, select a place and time in history and then follow these steps:

    A. Once you select a location/time, aim your device at the floor in front

        of you  until a target icon appears.  Tap the icon.

    B. This will open a doorway to the past.

    C. While holding your device, walk through the doorway and take a

         look around  by aiming your device in any direction.  Then tap the

        “play” button inside the portal to begin the experience. Periodically

         you’ll need to tap additional items within the portal which will be

         noted or eluded to.

While the clues and treasure have all been found, it’s fun to explore portals within the app and uncover the power of augmented reality.

works with iOS  9 or later

Android 6.0 or later